Making you Stand Out

If you need a website for Your Business but Don’t Want the Hassle of creating it, we can take all this away. We build highly-effective business websites (so you can get on with your day to day running of the business). We’ll use the information that you supply to create a website that appeals to you and more importantly to your customers. Our team will create a website that is designed and written in line with your business requirements to be customer focussed. Once your website is designed and online, a large number of potential customers will be able to search and find you quickly and easily. We can link your website to your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter profiles to increase your presence on social media. Your business will appear on Google, your custom-built website will be designed to appeal to your customers and all this will be done for you by our team of experts. We can make your site secure and to a very high standard that will create new leads and grow your business.

If you are not happy with your existing website, When you open it up you don’t like the look of it, if you’re thinking of getting a redesign for your website, you’re looking at the right people to do this for you. Lots of companies are looking at the design of their websites and focussing on modernising. We specialize in re-design.

Aside from domain registration, we offer domain transfers, professional email, web hosting, web security, online marketing tools, and more. We find that a lot of people cannot get minor changes done due to the fact they cannot contact the company that initially created their website, at DataSQ2 we pride ourselves on Quality and Customer Service, we will be very responsive to requests and try to react within 24 hours of any request to modify or make minor changes.